Join us for
The 38th I.S.E.B. Conference
I.S.E.B.’s Ruby Jubilee Celebration
September 29-October 1, 2022, San Antonio, Texas

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I.S.E.B. (International Society for Educational Biography) invites proposals for its annual conference, to be held in partnership with The Society of Philosophy and History of Education (SOPHE), September 29-October 1, 2022, at the historic Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas.

The mission of I.S.E.B is to explore the intersection of biography and education and visiblize educator’s lives and lives that are educative. We are also interested in diverse research and teaching approaches to life writing. We welcome submissions from academics, teachers, graduate students, and independent scholars who engage with dimensions of life writing in their work. As I.S.E.B. celebrates its 40th anniversary, we also encourage submissions that reflect the history of the organization through the lens of individual, group, and community lives.

The conference theme is Life Writing in Historic Times. “Life writing” encompasses ethnography, autoethnography, biography, memoir, life history, oral history, family history, testimonio, as well as letters, interviews, bio-pics, literary texts, arts and performance, and other popular culture products that shed light on the narratives of/about individuals, groups, and communities. Our phrasing, “historic times,” recognizes the urgency of narrating our own time—time marked by political divide, pandemic, and war—and invites conversations across boundaries of disciplines, genre, theory, temporality, and geography about how life writing reflects and contributes to social changes. Potential topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

     1. Life writing in pandemics
     2. Narrating migration, displacement, and belonging
     3. War and refugee narratives
     4. Storying politics and women’s experience
     5. Life stories of the marginalized and underrepresented
     6. Writing democracy and freedom in divisive times
     7. Theorizing life writing in historic times
     8. Imagining the future of life writing
     9. Digital life writing
     10. I.S.E.B. through the lens of life writing
     11. Theories and practices of life writing in the past four decades

The 2022 conference will be hybrid. We anticipate the majority of the sessions will be in-person participation. We also offer a limited number of slots for virtual participation to presenters with significant restrictions hindering their travel (e.g. living in a country currently with international travel restrictions, status as caregiver, or any other concerns). Please designate such and provide a rationale when submitting your conference proposal. Virtual presenters will be expected to pay both I.S.E.B. membership and the conference fee. While we will do our best to make the presentation process as seamless as possible, presenters choosing this option must understand that in the event of technology glitches, I.S.E.B. will not be able to provide refunds.

The Conference Program Committee invites presentations in the following formats:
     1. Paper or presentation (individual or co-authored) on completed or in-progress research.
     2. Panel consisting of at least three panel members with related papers or presentations.
     3. Roundtable discussion on an open pedagogical, methodological or research issue.
     4. Structured Posters

To submit a proposal, please complete the Proposal Form and include an abstract of up to 300 words to describe your proposal. Those interested in previous conference information can find it at the I.S.E.B. Archived Conferences. The Conference Program Committee will review your proposal and notify you promptly. For questions, please reach out to the Conference Program Chair, Dr. Jie Zhang, through

Deadline for Proposals: August 26, 2022. Proposals received after this date will only be evaluated if there is room in the program.

Presenter deadline for I.S.E.B. conference registration: September 15th, 2022, after which time you will not appear in the program.

Conference Dates: September 29 - October 1, 2022
Location: The Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas

Booking a Room:
The Menger Hotel
204 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205
$152 per night (king or 2 queen)
Make reservations by September 6, 2022.
Phone, 210-223-4361 or 1-800-345-9285 or Fax, 210-223-1328
Call in-house reservations to reserve your room 
in the SOPHE block. You must request the SOPHE block to get the discounted price.
If you need parking, be sure to ask at the time of booking.

Presenter deadline for ISEB registration: September 15th, 2022, after which time you will not appear in the program.

Technology: For those wishing to include video or audio, ISEB will provide data projectors. Presenters must bring their own laptops with appropriate HDMI and VGA video adaptors and external speakers if needed.

Advanced Registration: Ends August 15, 2022.
Registration Deadline: Only presenters who are current in ISEB membership dues and have paid the conference registration fee will be listed in the Conference Program.

Conference Registration: Members of both organizations will be responsible for paying separate conference registration and organizational membership fees. Registration will include admission to both ISEB and SOPHE paper presentations, poster sessions, and workshops but not membership to both organizations.

ISEB Membership:
In addition to the conference registration fee, presenters must be members of ISEB. Full Membership includes a one-year subscription to the ISEB journal 
Vitae Scholasticae. Other membership levels may opt to add then journal to their membership.
Please note: If a presenter wishes to present as part of/at both ISEB and SOPHE, they will need to pay one conference fee, but both membership fees. 
See SOPHE fees.

ISEB is an organization dedicated to the exploration of biography in writing, teaching, research, and other professional endeavors.

SOPHE is an organization dedicated to promote research and teaching in the historical, philosophical, ethical, and social foundations of education.

Please note: When considering submitting your proposal, SOPHE and ISEB are small but historic organizations that maintain an important space for foundational and biographical scholarship. As the financial pressures and demands in higher education continue to shift, we are working to preserve these important spaces of community and scholarship. Acceptance to our conference means that we are reserving a space for you on the program and organizing the program accordingly. No-shows can have devastating effects for us and for other participants who might have attended in the space we have reserved for you. We ask for you to send early registration if possible and, if accepted, please prioritize your attendance to aid us in our mission of providing a venue for the important work of our members past, present, and future.

JOURNAL Submissions:
Participants have the opportunity to submit their papers for consideration for publication in our journal that we have been publishing for nearly 40 years, 
Vitae Scholasticae: The Journal of Educational Biography. We welcome all forms of work on life writing scholarship, teaching, and methodology. See the Vitae Scholasticae page for more information.

For questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Jie Zhang, Program Committee Chair, at Please reference “ISEB” in the subject line of your email.