Book Review Guidelines

Books reviewed for Vitae Scholasticae should fit within the topical guidelines of the journal (please see above). Reviews of one book should not exceed 1000 words. Reviews of two books should not exceed 1500 words. Review essays of two or more books should not exceed 2000 words.
  • Reviews should normally include the following: a concise summary of the book, a description or analysis of the research methodology, and a consideration of the author’s intentions, analysis, frame(s) of reference, and assumed audience.
  • Be sure all bibliographic information is included: title, author, year of publication, publishing information, number of pages, ISBN#, and retail price.
  • Reviewers should be fair and forthright in their reviews. They should avoid dwelling on typographical or other minor errors unless these substantially undermine the quality of the book.
  • Book reviews will not undergo blind, peer review. The editors reserve the right to make small editorial changes without consultation with the author. Requests for revisions will be made as necessary and as time allows. All final decisions to publish any review rests with the editors.
Book review editor: Naomi Norquay, York University

Articles appearing in Vitae Scholasticae are abstracted and indexed in Historical Abstracts and America: History and Life.

Before manuscripts are considered for review, authors must confirm that they have not already been published, are not now in press or under consideration elsewhere and will not be submitted elsewhere while under consideration by the Vitae Scholasticae.