Dear ISEB family,

The executive team for the International Society of Educational Biography continues to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and remains committed to taking actions to ensure the maximum health and safety of our members. Your executive team knows that many of us are in the trenches of class redesign, university, and workplace changes to fit protocol for COVID-19, and lifestyle changes at home for our families and ourselves. We are aware that many of you are facing difficult decisions right now in addressing COVID-19, which is why it is important for us to communicate to you that we have been working diligently to make the best decisions possible for our membership, our yearly conference, and our society as a whole.

The executive team has come to the difficult decision to postpone the 2020 conference in Saint Louis until 2021. This decision was not lightly made, but one we felt was the safest. We know how vital a sense of community is in the current climate, so we are opening up virtual space for a community conversation about life writing, educational biography, and methodology. When you pay your yearly membership, you will have access to these opportunities. We will offer this professional development to our members during our original conference dates in October, 2020. To stay connected with ISEB, pay your 2020 membership dues, which ensures you a copy of the journal, our community conversations, and up to the minute information on the 2021 conference. When you pay your yearly membership, you are not only providing much needed support for small organizations like ours, but you also have uninterrupted access to these benefits. Please renew your membership here:

Even in this uncertain time, we are making plans to return to as much normalcy as possible. Submissions are open for
Vitae Scholasticae: The Journal of Educational Biography, ISEB's journal, and we encourage you to submit! Our submission process remains, as always, as straightforward as possible and can be done online and via email through the following link:

As scholars of biography and life writing, this moment in history is rife with possibilities for reflection, projection, and analysis. As we continue to navigate these new situations, we encourage you to remember Earnest Boyer’s recommendation that scholarship could be scholarship of discovery, of integration, of application and of teaching. We look forward to seeing you virtually in October 2020, and in person in 2021, when we will pair with the Society of Philosophy and History of Education (SOPHE) to hold a dual conference in Saint Louis!

All the best,

Prairie Endres-Parnell, MA, MFA

President, International Society of Educational Biography