The International Society for Educational Biography (ISEB) is an organization dedicated to the exploration of biography in writing, teaching, research, and other professional endeavors. Related research often includes collective biographies, the role of biography in the history of education, biography and fiction, general biography, plot structures of biographies. Biographic criticism, publishing biographies, feminist approaches to life writing, oral history, experimental approaches, ethical issues, autobiographical research, narrative research, methodology, and the use of biography in classroom instruction.

Annually, ISEB members have the opportunity to gather and share research at our conference. Please contact Dr. Lora Helvie-Mason ( with any questions about membership or registration. Interested in writing about biography or ethnography? See our member’s research interests and contact information or submit an article to Vitae Scholasticae.

Interested in learning more about ISEB? Life Stories: Exploring Issues in Educational History through Biography consists of 13 essays, each of which offers perspective on one of four key questions that have long drawn scholarly attention: What should schools teach? Who gets to decide? How should educators adapt to a changing world to provide opportunity for all students? How should educators’ experiences be interpreted for future audiences?

The book is written to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the International Society for Educational Biography and its journal, Vitae Scholasticae. All of the essays have appeared in the journal, and they are set in a variety of educational environments that span 174 years. Taken together, the essays demonstrate the important contributions that biography can make to educational history. Life Stories would be of interest to educational biographers and historians for use in their own scholarly work. Instructors might also consider assigning Life Stories as a required text in educational history courses.

CONTENTS Preface, Linda C. Morice and Laurel Puchner

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