Past and Current Presidents
2022-23 Jie Zhang
2021-22 Edward Janak
2020-21 Prairie Endres-Parnell
2019-20* Prairie Endres-Parnell
2018-19 Roy Tamashiro
2017-18 Penny Craig
2016-17 Thalia Mulvihill
2015-16 Luigi Iannacci
2014-15 Mary Bevel
2013-14 Raji Swaminathan
2012-13 Virginia Altrogge
2011-12 Lucy Bailey
2010-11 John Hunt
2009-10 Lucy Townsend
2008-09 Von Pittman
2007-08 Luigi Iannacci
2006-07 Thalia Mulvihill (Ball State)
2005-06 Anna Lathrop (Brock U, Canada)
2004-05 Pat Inman—no elections were held – due to the 2003 SARS pandemic
2003-04 Pat Inman
2002-03 Pat Inman (Northern Illinois U)
2001-02 Naomi Norquay (York U, Canada)
2000-01 Maureen McCormack (Eastern Michigan U)
1999-00 Robert Berard (University of Mount Saint Vincent, Canada)
1998-99 Brian Taylor (University of New Brunswick, Canada)
1997-98 A Hugh Jones (Ball State University)
1996-97 Jessica Latshaw (University of Saskatchewan)
1995-96 Frances O’Neill (Northern Illinois University)
1994-95 Lucy Townsend (Northern Illinois University)
1993-94 Timothy Bergen (University of South Carolina)
1992-93 Donna Norton (Texas A & M University)
1991-92 Sr Maria Scatena, Sisters of Providence (Lewis University)
1990-91 Phyllis Povell (Long Island University)
1989-90 Martha Tevis (University of Texas-Pan American)
1988-89 L. Glenn Smith (Norther Illinois University)
1987-88 Robert Bernard (Iowa State University)
1986-87 Joan K. Smith (Loyola University—Chicago)
1985-86 John Lyons (University of Saskatchewan, Canada)
1984-85 Michael Perko (Loyola University-Chicago)
1983-84 Jack K. Campbell (Texas A & M University)
1982-83 creation of ISEB (No President, Organizational Meeting)

* Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic the annual conference was cancelled; as such, officer elections were postponed by one year.